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Post-traumatic Stress and a new generation of veterans

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Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

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Misdiagnosis of PTSD as another preexisting disorder is becoming used by DoD doctors to discharge military personal with no outside benefits

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future
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Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

How Personal health is affected by post traumatic stress disorder

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Personal experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

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The Department of Veterans Affairs & Me

Opening statement about my experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs:

Over the past 10 years I have worked with many people within the VA, for the most part they have been worthwhile experiences and the personnel really try to help. In the very few exceptions to this rule that has lead me to start this section of PTSD Support Services. A recent news article by the Associated Press that details how the VA Misses Symptoms in Some Exams.

Only once did I have a doctor make a comment that I should not complain about the "Free Health Care" that I was given. I took the subsequent actions:
  1. Ordered the attending physician into the exam room and advised both doctors that my health care was not free and that I had paid a very large price for the service that I being given.
  2. Each VA hospital has a Patient Advocate on staff, I reported this to that person.
  3. I wrote a letter to the administrator of the hospital giving details of the events.
Was my action harsh for the situation... NO, everyone who becomes part of the VA system has paid their dues for the service they receive. It is a component of the "Contract" we take part in with the Federal Government when we take our Oath of Allegiance when we are sworn into Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard!

Historical overview of Medical service to veterans

During the time of conflict or Operation "This or That"; by the way, when was the last time did the United States of America declared a real war on someone? [1941/1942] Individuals either through enlistment or draft, have come forward to serve our country's military. In many cases they are now forgotten, misplaced or ignored after serving the USA! I was discharged in 1967, the United States government determined in 1981 that a medical disorder that I have could be caused by Agent Orange. I registered with the Agent Orange Registry sometime in 1991, was diagnosed with that disorder in 2003. Didn't make any difference since I did not report the illness by 1968, 13 years before the disorder was known! The doctor that I went to back then has been dead since 1985!

The Department of Veterans Affairs Overall!

Even today veterans are running into difficulties. It comes in the form of lack of funding support for basic medical/dental care after spending a year in a combat area of operations (Iraq/Afghanistan and other locations).

This is true for many veterans that need more care above a physical/mental evaluation and discharge to return to a normal life or employment. Look at these pages too. Up to date and still missing the mark!

The one major benefit to health care today is that in many cases, the VA uses the skills of "Up-to-Date" Intern or Resident physicians from a medical training University.

But we get the latest care methods from someone who is interested in learning from working on us. I do not consider us Ginny Pigs for these rookies because I personally feel we are getting the latest treatment programs. The only shortfall that I see is in the area of medications. These doctors are up-to-speed on new meds but that are not available to the VA yet because of costs.

In the earlier days it was not uncommon for the VA to use what I called "Recycled" doctors. Someone who had retired, could not keep up with modern medical techniques, or for any of a number of reasons. This still be true but I go to the Denver Regional Hospital and what I have found today is that doctors from the University Of Colorado Health Science do their training working on us under supervision of a senior doctor.

Get a general understanding of what is known as your GAF Score! This is an evaluations tool used by many VA organizations and personnel to subjectively measure how you are doing in the "Real World" on the day of our appointment. This Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale helps to analyze how you are functioning mentally, emotionally and your interactive skills. Although if format is supposed to be no longer in used, documents received when making an appointment still shows that a "New GAF Required." Believe what you see, NOT what you hear from any Department of Veterans Affairs personnel!

SO, that is where we are at today's Veterans Administration and Veterans support in general! Please find phone numbers, the VA NOW program, lets look at what the processes are and how to work within the VA assistance system. You can also find much more information within Combat PTSD Adobe file.

The following information is for your use in working within the VA with the objective of making you a knowledgeable patient when you need to talk to VA staff member. Many time you will feel like a number within the system so you must prepare for each of your meetings BEFORE they take place.

Recent Department Of Veterans Affairs Communications:

Incident Report #1:
Taking a fall during X-ray procedure. Comments to Shrink
Incident Report #2 Medical Procedure puts me "In Harms Way!"

Do you have these feelings? (Personal Note)

  1. You feel isolated from your spouse, friends, family or work.
  2. People in authority piss you off for trying to control your life or actions.
  3. You stop going to the movies, church or the mall because you don't like crowds.
  4. The littlest aggravation will make you angry.
  5. You will not talk with anyone about what you did or saw during combat.
  6. You sit with your back to the wall while at a restaurant or bar?
  7. You have dreams about things that scared the hell out of you while on assignment.
  8. When you hear a helicopter fly over do you see yourself on the rung of it riding to an LZ?
If you get an adrenaline rush, pupations of the heart or break out into a sweat with the above, its time to get help!

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