Post-traumatic Stress information for Active Duty Military Personnel

Post-traumatic Stress and a new generation of veterans

What is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Spousal Post-traumatic stress and effects on families and friends

What are the symptoms of post-traumatic stress

What are the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress

Treatment Methods for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Misdiagnosis of PTSD as another preexisting disorder is becoming used by DoD doctors to discharge military personal with no outside benefits

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future
Females in Action

Shortchanging Vets

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

How Personal health is affected by post traumatic stress disorder

National Service Organizations that help veterans with ptsd

Personal experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

With PTSD a little humor must shine!

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Post-traumatic Stress information for Active Duty Military Personnel

If you suspect that you or your spouse is dealing with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and you are looking for support... to seek help I would personally choose the nearest VA Vet Center. They are truly there to assist you dealing with whatever levels of stress you are at and test for Post Traumatic-stress Disorder. You are limited to a total of 5 visits before you must return to your own on-base medical support system. You can not fight PTSD alone or will it just go away? NO!

This page also looks at the recruitment on new personal. My information is mainly Army since it's my background but samples of this process is amply to organization on the combat field! Be willing to be honest with yourself when you take the BICEPS Principles Test upon your return from deployment.

In 2006 the Federal government has made two or three major recruitment changes to increase the number of enlisting personal. Some changes have been very simple and easy to do. This first one is to increase the upper enlistment age from 35 to 42. while this enlistment group be headed to the front lines? I do not know but I have a personal impression that they will fill non-combat postilions allowing younger personal to take on the task of the big role as combat personnel.

If you are active duty or your spouse feels that you need help and do not wish for them to go through military channels please look into visiting the nearest VA Veterans Center.
Returning veterans are entitled to up to 5 visits with a counselor. 

As this page is developing the editor is finding more and more information that relates to veterans of ALL wars (or conflicts/operation "This or That" since congress never got around to declaring them as wars)! The following information is just a few of these concerns.

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Supplying the Vaseline Again!

As I endeavor to get through November 2007, the 40th anniversary of my last Purple Heart, I am feeling a great depression fall over me. As I work on this web site I'm being informed that there is an expansion being made to increase the use of a "Preexisting Conditions" to discharge military personnel from active duty and then being denied Service Connected Disability or a chance for the Department of Veterans Affair to come to their aid! These military personal HAVE or ARE experiencing symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and been told they have; to "Suck It Up", or been told that they bipolar disorder; have depression, stress or some other disorder that was present before exposure to daily combat in Iraq or Afghanistan producing related mental disorders that was present prior to entry into military service, or when they get home they present the symptoms of PTSD and are not treated! This NEW concept is a disgrace and just BS to military personnel doing their protecting us from the evil doers of the world.

This would include the use of alcohol as a sedative, harder drugs to relieve the stress of the memories seen or taken part in during their 3rd OR 4th combat tour in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Having difficulty sleeping and not making it to formations or other appointments are other signs that something is wrong, Senior NCO and company commanders finds this action other then honorable conduct. These are all basic symptoms of PTSD!

But the one thing that hurts the most is that a soldier who has been a member of a team during overseas combat missions no longer feel part of a team,a team that was forged in combat over an overextended amount of time. At one point, the lives depended on looking out for each other in "harms way" situations where split second decisions had to be made.

I can tell you from personal experiences, not all decisions are "correct" because war never works that way!

The following information MUST BE READ! It presents the information much better than I ever could and it's getting into the press where it can be found!

None of the following "Conflicts or Operations" has ever been a declared war! Our federal representatives have authorized the use of USA Troops to invade foreign nations! Korean War; the Vietnam Conflict; Persian Gulf War. Military operations, Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission; Lebanon Peacekeeping; Urgent Fury in Grenada; Operation Just Cause in Panama; Desert Shield and Desert Storm; Restore Hope in Somalia; Uphold Democracy in Haiti; and the ongoing "Operations" Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Many of these actions have taken military lives and some feel that several were no more than "Drive-by Shootings."

Help stop this BS and force our representatives to stand up for declinations of War! And not use the easiness of a "Join Resolution" to fund OUR President's combat actions!

US senate
US House of Representative

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