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Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

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I Stand Guard

A poem from a Blue Star Mother

As he sleeps upon the couch
I stand guard

Even though I can touch him
He is not necessarily here

The stillness envelops the both of us
While I sit in my chair

He is quiet for a while then

He begins to stir
His arms jerk occasionally
And he mumbles out something
I cannot understand

I brush his forehead and he quiets again
I now sit on the coffee table
Watching his face
Wondering where he is

His brows furrowed
His jaw set tightly
He turns onto his side

Draws himself into a fetal position
He moans out so I lay my hand
Against his cheek

I feel moistness there from tears
He has shed in his sleep

He opens his eyes and blinks
He sits up and looks around in confusion
I sit next to him

When I open my arms to him
He lays his head upon my chest

I hold him in my arms and we rock
I know where he is now

He knows he is safe for the moment
Until he falls asleep again

Then I will stand guard

If you have a son or daughter who is active in Iraq or Afghanistan, PLEASE stop by the Blue Mother's web site and join. There is a great deal of support for you and I hope you will take advantage!

Stacy Bannerman is the author of When the War Came Home:

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