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Combat PDF files for Active Duty and combat Veterans

During a recent search of the web I tried to gather information for returning veterans from different war zones. I than made the attempt to "Translate" the PDF files into easy to read and downloaded HTML code. (That's what these pages are composed with) It has proven difficult and have ended up doing only a few pages. I hope that you have Adobe Reader for these pages.
If not, I have provided a link so you may download the program.

If you wish to do your own looking I would strongly advise you to follow this link to Google dot com for a fairly unbiased search.

I hope that the following information is useful to you. Either for research on symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or for building a case to present to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You may open or save for later viewing and have been scanned for viruses before uploading to the PTSD Support web site.

Combat Exposure Scale Scoring [10kb]

Combat Stress Control (CSC) Programs (DoD) [44kb]

Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) Overview [39kb]

Observations for COMBAT STRESS CONTROL: U.S. Marine Corps [75kb]

Treatment for Returning Iraq War Veteran [110kb]

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