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Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

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Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future
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Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

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Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

Remember those who are supporting our freedom yesterday, today and in the future

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Navy SEAL Neil Roberts Afghanistan War death

I received the following forwarded info from a retired Marine Force Recon friend and feel it should be shared by as many people as possible.

What's below is an Email I received that explains Neil's situation a little better than the press did. It's disheartening to hear that a teammate fell out of a helicopter, was captured and executed. What's below displays a more understandable and palatable rendition. I hope I would've done as well; "to the last cartridge".

I apologize in advance for the lengthy email, but I have just gotten back from Neil's funeral. There were over 1,000 people in attendance and needless to say, it was moving. I had the opportunity to speak with several individuals, both in the Teams and in the Agency, who were in country at the time of Neil's death and who had also viewed the Predator video as well as another video. The following is merely a sanitized compilation of the conversations I had and tidbits from Fitz's eulogy. The usual disclaimers apply and there is some stuff I need to leave out. And, I know I will not do the story justice, nor could I ever hope to. the helo was on final, it came under fire. An air-crewman fell off the back ramp and was dangling by his tether. Neil reached down to pull him back in. An RPG hit the nose of the helo (didn't explode) and the pilot subsequently made an evasive maneuver. Neil tumbled out (the air-crewman may have also mistakenly pulled Neil out while Neil was trying to recover him or that may have not even of happened - doesn't matter - bottom line, Neil fell from about 10ft and was on the ground alone). It is unclear as to whether or not the guys on board the helo knew that they lost a man. Helo peeled away, developed hydraulic problems, and crash-landed about a click away.

Neil turns on his beacon and low crawls to a position under fire. Neil takes the offensive, firing and maneuvering against the enemy and allegedly storms a machine-gun nest. Neil was shot several times, but continued the fight. Apparently, the Predator video shows the mortal wound and Neil falls to the ground (~an hour after he fell from the helo). He had expended all of his ammo, both primary and secondary, as well as his grenades. The video has Neil shooting with his pistol at very close ranges to the enemy. He was dead by the time the enemy arrived and dragged him off. Not sure on whether they intended to use Neil's body as a decoy! For an ambush or as a bargaining chip or for another Somalia street dragging episode. Doesn't really matter.

Then the boys came. The force was a mix of operators and arrived about 2 hours later. As they expected, they encounter significant hostile fire, but returned fire immediately. Apparently, a lot of undisclosed heroics occurred that night and there was significant payback (and I mean significant). Several of our brothers were wounded, two of which were flown back to CONUS [USA] (one of whom may lose a foot). People are talking CMH level heroics - we'll see. After fierce fighting and a valiant rescue, Neil's body was recovered, as were the other dead, and all were evacuated.

Payback has continued in various ways and that is the stuff I can't go into. But rest assured, what comes around, is going around. Neil went down fighting and took many of those @^%$ with him (an unconfirmed number). The ridge upon which he died is now called Roberts Ridge. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with a V and a Purple Heart. Neil is now SpecOps folklore and a legend in the Teams for the rest of eternity, "All rounds expended."


After Anaconda, Hero Faced New Enemy

During the recovery process, six (6) additional Special Operations personnel were killed along with 400-500 enemy!
Personal note. If you have taken the time to read this, and feel as I do that this guy deserves more that the Bronze Star please contact your congressional representative and support a higher award. This guy did amazing things under great duress! (Russ Nauta)
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