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Personal Experiences of PTSD

Just getting the information together for this page. We will be adding and expanding this page as we go!

The effects that PTSD has on a person are many fold. PTSD works on a person from both the inside and outside. On the inside we are angry and bitter on how we were treated upon our return from Vietnam. We tend to see the world in "Black and White" around us. It is difficult to be "close" to someone and experience stress with everyday life.

The outcome of our experiences in daily living effects our family life, our health, holidays and the subject of suicide!

Please review these pages with a grain of salt! Each page will have a personal introduction by the author of this site and his personal experiences within each topic.

One of the most disruptive events for me are what are known as triggers! These are the "things, visions, and personal attitude" that I live with. To learn more about them, I've listed them for you to see in the above link. Each one is a long story within itself but I did want you to see mine. These are not all by any means, just the ones that effect my daily life.

The last topic that I will be talking about as time goes by is what is called "Anniversaries". These are dates in a PTSD life that recalls events or is the date of the trauma. A good example is myself. Just prior to Thanksgiving I was shot in the neck... spent time in the hospital and was given time for R&R; the following month. Had a great time but returned to Vietnam JUST before Christmas. I have not enjoyed nor been involved in the holidays since!

PTSD produces many dragons in our lives and we must work on solving each of them to improve the quality of our lives!

People that have ptsd live with their own personal dragons!



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