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Describing post traumatic stress in combat veterans

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Personal Declarations Of War

When I told my wife that I was going to be writing a web page about the United States of American and our process of declaring war, she ask if I was the one declaring war, based on my past and present attitude or was it about the government tactics of imposing its will around the world. I really had to think for a moment before coming to the conclusion that it should be about our foreign policy.

I, as one person, can not dictate what the US government does in foreign policy but when I see all the aid we send all over the world and the shortfalls in support to veterans and for our domestic needs I have become concerned about the future of this great nation of ours. How is it that we can send all this money to countries, and especially to countries that don't even like us because of our “Imperialistic Objective” while at home we see complaints that the Department of Veterans Affairs is experiencing shortfalls because of required care to returning Cost of National Guard and Reserve units! In the year 2005, the Department Of Defense had to aid the Veterans Administration with $1.9 billion in fund to care for the military personal being discharged and placed into the VA system. For 2007, this amount is projected shortfall is expected to increase to $3 billion!

These units were ordered up, sent overseas in support of “Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraq Freedom” and then the VA did not have the funds to care for them upon their return. Many soldiers with operational injuries are being medically discharged and placed into the Veterans Health Administration program requiring medical, mental and rehabilitation programs that are not being funded.

So, what happens? A bill is introduced to congress to increase the funding levels for the VA… Guess what people, It gets voted down because of all the “Pork Barrel” politics that are attached to it. Shame on you Congress!

How did this situation come about? That is the principle behind this page. Do you know that the United States has not declared war on any of the counties we have invaded since the end of World War II? Over the years, the United States American military personnel have faced the cost of lives lost or reported missing in action starting with Korea, Vietnam, Panama, and Grenada plus others that have been undeclared wars. Many time that are just called incidents, you know just a short turn around like Panama or Somalia. Nothing big, just invade a Sovereign Nation and remove the head of state! Yes, America has treaties with many countries and there are United Nations Directives that need enforcement but no declarations of war.

If someone can correct me, please do so. But as I've looked at the information I have seen many uses of the War Powers Act, later changed to the War Powers Resolution because the Legislative and Executive arms of the government couldn't come to an agreement as to he Authority of the document!!

In the following pages you will learn about the War Powers Resolution, don't worry… I've read it and still don't understand the principles involved; how many invasions (recorded) the US has taken part in without declaring war on the country; how many US personnel have died or were injured in these conflicts and finally how you can make your voice hear by our representatives.

Please understand that I'm not apposed to war that has a cause or protecting OUR county's interests, but when we do take part in a war there is a vote showing support by our congress. I have attempted to get information on this topic from my representatives from the state of Colorado and only received a email form letter from one. They were not able or not willing to supply specific information to me.

When was the "War on Terrorism" declared? Information on this would be welcome. [September 18, 2001]

Here is a statement that I found confusing: When war is declared we usually say who we are going to fight. Not this time!! The Joint Resolution 18SEP01's Exact words:

Taliban government of Afghanistan, al-Qaida and other alleged terrorist groups. Hey guys lets go out and kick some ass and we will sort it out later!



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