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PTSD Support Forums

The following list of forums was prepared by:
Dr. Charles R. Figley, Professor
Florida State University School of Social Work
Charles Figley, Florida State University
Dr. Charles R. Figley

Traumatic-Stress Forum:

To learn about how to join the open Traumatic-Stress forum, you just send an email message to [email protected].
In the text of your message, write: info traumatic-stress.
[To leave the list, send the command: "SIGNOFF traumatic-stress" to that address. Please don't send command messages to the entire list membership.] Policy information about the Traumatic-Stress list can probably be obtained from this listserv.

Trauma Professional Forum:

The TS-Professional list, an offshoot affiliated with the T-S forum, is a closed list for credentialed professionals, including therapists, educators, and researchers. Discussions focus on research, theory, and treatment of trauma and other disorders of extreme stress, and related issues. To get the questionnaire you'll need to join, send an email message to [email protected].
In the text of your message, write: SUBSCRIBE trauma-professional.
[To leave this list, send the command: "SIGNOFF trauma-professional" to that address. Again, please don't send command messages to the entire list membership.] Posting guidelines, policies, and other information for this list can be found on the Trauma Professional Forum web site.

PTSD Support Services Forum

Compassion Fatigue List:

The Compassion Fatigue email list serves as a virtual community for care-givers, emergency responders and others who provide care to suffering individuals, families and communities. This is both a scholarly and personal list, designed to provide a forum for members to ask questions, share experience, receive support, report developments in the field (including research) and, ultimately, evolve our care-giving skills. It aims to provide insight, information and support that will broaden knowledge as well as help ameliorate our compassion fatigue. Subscribe by filling out a form at the Compassion Fatigue website.

Disaster Mental Health:

Disaster Mental Health (DMH) is an email discussion list restricted to mental health professionals serving in this field, encompassing disaster psychology and delivery of disaster mental health services (i.e., disaster preparedness, response, and recovery). The list is moderated by Denruth Lougeay, PhD, and is not an open list.
To subscribe, send an email message to [email protected]; in the body of your message, type subscribe DisastMH your name.